Kathy Crawford - Director - Australian Mortgage Assist, Phone: 1300 884 185 | Mobile: 0405 508 020 | Email: kathy@ama.net.au


Qualifications:- MFAA Full Member and Accredited Mortgage Consultant, ASIC PS146 - Life Insurance.


I was employed in the banking industry for 14 years, specialising in Residential and Commercial Finance during this time. For the past 6 years I have established myself as an independent Finance Consultant, Mortgage Broker and founding Director of Australian Mortgage Assist (AMA). I have developed a Commercial, Industrial and Leasing division within AMA providing avenues for PAYG, Self-Employed, and Lo-Doc applicants to enter these markets.  My industry knowledge and contacts allow me to obtain products and services that aren't commonly marketed to the general public.

Lee-Anne Cusack - Phone: 02 4571 1714 | Mobile: 0448 990 188 | Email: cusack@ama.net.au


Qualifications:- MFAA Accredited Mortgage Consultant, Certificate in Accountancy, SEQUAL Accredited Reverse Mortgage Consultant. 


I offer what I believe to be "good old fashioned service". I have been involved with residential and business lending for the past 16 years having worked for one of the major banks for 13 years. This has given me much insight into how the banks operate. Many clients are often surprised at how I can reduce their monthly loan repayments or reduce their loan term. I believe that making a financial decision can be a very scary and stressful time for many people. I like to be able to help them through the process so they can actually enjoy the experience.

Kimberly Linder - Mobile: 0420 420 403 | Email: kimberly.linder@bigpond.com


Qualifications:- MFAA Accredited Mortgage Consultant


I have been involved in the Finance and Property industries for several years. As a Broker, I feel that my clients can build wealth through property investment. As a property investor myself, I have learnt by experience not just theory. In association with my property contacts I am helping my clients to negotiate unbelievable deals and finance them. I am passionate about my role as a broker. It is an incredible feeling to help my clients build wealth and assist them in their greatest and most emotional purchase ....

Their HOME.

Gail Jones - Mobile: | Email:




I am an avid property investor and have made substantial gains in this area, this is what prompted my interest in the credit industry.  My intention is to be on a journey with my clients, looking after their credit issues, navigating their future course with them and helping them to achieve their goals.